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High memory voltages pose a problem for Nehalem

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Posted October 4, 2008 by admin in CPU & Motherboards

The info first tipped up on the XFastest forums where the admin posted several photos of an Asus P6T Deluxe (retail-packed) mobo including one of a big sticker over the DIMM slots motherboard warning that anything over 1.65V will fry the CPU.

The DDR3 JEDEC specification is well within limits of this, however, starting off at 1.5V, but as Intel?s CPUs have made for such great overclockers, memory vendors have ever so happily catered to the enthusiast crowd with faster, higher-powered memory kit. You?ve got plenty of examples, OCZ Reaper PC3-14400 operates at 1.9V, Mushkin?s XP Series uses 1.9-1.95V, Corsair?s Dominator high-end takes you all the way up to 2.1V?

Asus’ staff has been busy in meetings so we rang up several memory vendors here in ?uroland, and considering it?s a public holiday in Germany, they were more than helpful.

Mushkin?s VP Steffen Eisenstein said that they are re-designing specifically for the X58/Core i7 combo, and that their kit should be out some time next month? in Tri-Channel packs. Other memory vendors across the globe are claiming their kits are still undergoing certification with motherboard vendors so they still don?t know whether they qualify or not.

We?re still waiting for Intel to explain why the memory voltage will burn the CPU, but pressing F9 in Outlook and constantly checking our phones isn?t making things any faster.

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