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Hardware review roundups gatecrash PureOC

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Posted October 2, 2008 by admin in Internet

Long-time readers will be familiar with the Sampler. Its purpose was to simply list the week’s minor news which slipped under the radar, either because it was a story of lesser importance or we simply ran out of time to cover it.

Since we moved to our current reporting style, leftover news has slowly elapsed, hence the evident downfall of the Sampler. There’s simply no news left to report in the list-like format.

For those feeling uneasy in this post-Sampler era (there’s at least one of you), rest assured, because we’ve revived the legend in a different form, a form which takes a liking towards reviews. What’s known to others as a Hardware Review Roundup or Shortbread (as adapted by the TechReport) will now be referred to as the Sampler.

Stay tuned for the first addition, which will hit the press soon (well, in a few seconds actually)…

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