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GPU shipments on the rise, AMD gains market share

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Posted October 28, 2008 by admin in News

JPR’s report also includes some market share figures. AMD now has 20.6% of the overall GPU market by the research firm’s count, while Nvidia holds 27.8%, and Intel has nearly half (49.4%). Those same three firms had respective 18.1%, 31.4%, and 47.3% market shares in the second quarter and 20.5%, 36.4%, and 33.4% shares in Q3 2007. Nvidia’s piece of the pie sure seems to have shrunk dramatically.

Interestingly, market share numbers for the mobile market now show AMD with 20.8% and Nvidia with 21.8%, on nearly equal footing. In desktops, the two firms have 20.3% and 32.6% shares, respectively. We should however note that JPR’s market share data count Intel integrated graphics as GPUs?numbers for actual discrete GPUs typically have AMD and Nvidia accounting for nearly 100% of the market, since Intel doesn’t offer any graphics cards or notebook graphics modules yet.

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