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Dual-core Phenom’s delayed, to be sold as Athlons

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Posted October 17, 2008 by admin in CPU & Motherboards

AMD is going to pick up the Kuma core. Back in September we have reviewed an ES version Kuma. At that time we thought the Kuma would become Athlon 6500+. But no words in AMD?s September roadmap about Kuma, we think AMD have dropped it.

But when we saw AMD?s October roadmap, Kuma appears and branded as?Athlon X2 7550/7750?.

According to the roadmap, Athlon X2 7550 will be a 2.5GHz Kuma, except the clock all other spec is the same with our ES version. Athlon X2 7750 runs at 2.7GHz. For cache,TDP and other information, you can read the chart we compiled.

So there is no more Athlon 6500+, AMD wants Kuma to be 7 series dual core. Both of the chips will come out in 09Q1. The company positioned Kuma to encounter intel E7400 and E7300. Do you think Kuma can beat them? Tell us how you think about it!

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