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Core i7 to outperform QX9770 by 52% in games

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Posted October 8, 2008 by admin in CPU & Motherboards

According to some reviewers who had their hands on the upcoming Bloomfield, the new CPU runs great. But how huge improvement it is compared to today?s top dog?

In a recent document sent to partners, Intel pointed out that when comparing Core i7-965 with QX9770, we can get 52% more 3D gaming performance, 38% more rendering performance and 41% more movie editing and conversion performance. (Core i7-965 platform: X58, DDR3 3G, Discrete VGA card, QX9770 platform unknown.)

Yes, the numbers are quite vague, but it is directly coming from Intel. Compared to a more expensive product, we can?t expect more. (QX9770>1450USD, Core i7-965=999USD)

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