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Archive for October 24th, 2021

Week in review – HD 4830, Circuit City and MIDs

In case your desire for news is still unsatisfied due to my recent internet connection woes, then the latest two installments of Ars Technica's Week in Review should satisfy.

AMD responds to Radeon HD 4830 limited shader issue

AMD has already issued a patch which mends the HD 4830's stream processor woes, although Bit-tech have now received a statement from AMD explaining the current situation.

Nvidia claims GeForce 9800 GT outperforms HD 4830

Seemingly intimidated by AMD's new HD 4830, Nvidia has released a presentation claiming why its 9800 GT is, well, "better". Interesting that a 560 shader HD 4830 was referenced!

Opinion: is hurdling over Vista straight to Windows 7 wise?

A blog has been published which appeals to a wide range of folks, namely those who are skipping Vista and waiting for Windows 7 (you know who you are!). More here.

Monday Sampler [10-27-08]

Starting off the week, our Daily Sampler brings you the latest reviews from around the tech world.

Asus roll-out DirectX 10 micro ATX board – nForce 730i

The uncommon combination of DirectX 10 graphics on a micro-ATX board has been put into practice once more by Asus, launching its P5N7A-VM with the nForce 730i chipset.

Foxconn’s Quantum Force Blood Rage pictured

The anticipation behind Foxconn's Quantum Force Blood Rage builds even further, as VR-Zone has gathered a handful of images (retail and sample) and specifications. Yummy!

Windows 7 pre-beta build feature list revealed, kind of

Details are trickling out on what goodies the pre-beta build of Windows 7 will contain, courtesy of ZDNet of course. A new animation framework is among the additions.

iPhone OS 2.2 images reveal Google Street View app

The feature-rich iPhone is destined to have a head-on with Google's Street View app, or so reveal several screenshots of the iPhone OS 2.2. Engadget have the low-down.


NZXT Guardian 921

How good is this full-featured case for gamers on a budget?

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