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Archive for October 24th, 2021

NZXT announces 2009 sponsorship with CEVO

NZXT, a company built on realizing the dreams of gamers worldwide, is proud to announce a yearlong sponsorship with CEVO, providing support for all gaming events for 2009.

DFI LanParty JR 790GX-M2RS on sale for $129

MotherboardPro is expanding its low-cost assault with the addition of the DFI LanParty JR 790GX-M2RS, which is now on sale for a mere $129. Head here for more.

Microsoft issue unexpected critical Windows patch

Microsoft has rolled-out an out-of-cycle patch for all its Windows releases dating back to 2000, which fixes a flaw allowing remote code execution without the owner's consent.

Far Cry 2 uses cropped 16:9 widescreen, it seems

It seems that Far Cry 2 doesn't render in native widescreen, and instead crops the image into a 16:9 format. This issue was also present in Bioshock, but was later patched.

Nvidia strongly deny talks of AIB spring clean

We were plagued with news earlier regarding Nvidia's AIB spring clean. Nvidia has now denied the story (which originated at Fudzilla), stating that it's "absolutely not true".

MSI make Wind overclockable through update

MSI has enabled overclocking support in its Wind netbook, thanks to its latest BIOS release. The initial numbers are quite promising, though this is a netbook after all.

Several mobo makers confirm X58 SLI support

Nvidia is proud to announce that the world's "pre-eminent motherboard manufacturers" (ASUS, EVGA, MSI, Gigabyte and DFI) will include SLI support on their X58 motherboards.

Radeon HD 4830 has shader woes, patch issued

During its recent review of AMD's HD 4830, TechPowerUp noticed that only 560 of the available 640 shaders were operational. There's now a patch which should resolve the problem.

2K unleash BioShock 2: Sea of Dreams trailer

Bioshock fanboys rejoice, as 2K Games has unveiled the trailer for the game's second installment: BioShock 2: Sea of Dreams. Launch will occur between August and October of next year...

More evidence supports 2009 Windows 7 launch

More evidence has emerged supporting the Windows 7 2009 release saga. As TechReport... err... report, launch will take place before next year's WinHEC event in early May.

EVGA’s X58 SLI FTW board pictured, detailed

With its attention recently being captured by Intel's X58 chipset, EVGA has let loose a bunch of specs for its upcoming X58 SLI FTW motherboard. Pretty pixels on the right...

Vista Service Pack 2 going private beta this week

Windows Vista's second service pack will be released in beta form later this week, where a small minority of people will enter the testing stage. A launch date is unknown.

Microsoft’s revenue soars 9% in fiscal quarter one

Microsoft's revenue has soared 9% in the opening quarter of fiscal 2009, totaling $15.06 billion. With $14.8 billion being expected, the Redmond giant will sleep tight.

Intel to market Ibex Peak chipset under P55 branding

Intel will market its upcoming Ibex Peak chipset under the P55 moniker, according to NordicHardware. The single-chip solution will accompany Lynnfield and Havendale.

AMD unleash mid-range assault – Radeon HD 4830

The latest addition to the already successful Radeon HD 4800-series is the HD 4830, which is a HD 4850 with less shaders and lower clock frequencies. Reviews ahoy!

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