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Archive for October 24th, 2021

EVGA unleash nForce 730i equipped motherboard

EVGA has rolled-out its first motherboard equipped with the nForce 730i chipset, which includes the GeForce 9300 GPU. Can anyone else hear the 790GX squirm?

Nvidia opens it’s mouth over GPU failure woes

Following the recent interview with AMD's Neil McLellan regarding Nvidia's GPU failures, Nvidia have responded with a somewhat defensive few paragraphs. More here.

AMD announce operational profit for quarter three

Intel isn't the only company which holds the financial bragging rights for last quarter, as AMD has recorded its first operational profit since Q3 2006. About time too.

Nvidia’s second Big Bang pictured, arriving soon

While Nvidia's "Big Bang II" worthy ForceWare 180 drivers are missing in action, rest assured, as VR-Zone has taken a dozen screenshots showcasing the goods.

Friday Sampler [10-17-08]

As the weekend approaches, we take a look at what's happening from around the tech world, guaranteed to satisfy your appetite.

Adobe launch Flash 10, boasts GPU acceleration

Adobe's Creative Suite 4 isn't the only software to reap the benefits of GPU acceleration, as the newly released Adobe Flash 10 shares similar functions.

AMD talks about Nvidia’s mobile GPU failures

If you crave an insight into the Nvidia mobile GPU failure saga, then TechReport have an article which reveals AMD's thoughts on things. Check it out!

Dual-core Phenom’s delayed, to be sold as Athlons

AMD's dual-core Phenom CPU's have been pushed back to Q1 next year, according to Expreview. "Kuma" will adopt the Athlon branding though, and remain 65nm.

Intel record best third quarter revenue in its history

Despite the current economic state, Intel has posted the "best third-quarter revenue in its history" - a revenue of $10.3 billion and net income of $2 billion.

Ubisoft’s Far Cry 2 nearing launch, goes gold

With launch taking place in less than a week now, Far Cry 2 has gone gold, with good reason too. As Shacknews report, the title has "entered manufacturing".

Microsoft make “Windows 7” brand name official

According to Microsoft's Mike Nash, the next version of Windows will arrive under the "Windows 7" moniker, which was the OS's codename up until today.

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