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Archive for October 24th, 2021

Super Talent’s Pico-C flash drive busts a record

Gizmodo has named Super Talent's popular Pico-C flash drive as one of the Top Ten Record Breaking Consumer Gadgets of 2008, under the smallest flash drive category...

MotherboardPro.com slashes DFI LanParty pricing

It's that time of year again at MotherboardPro.com where low prices begin to dominate. This time, a selection of DFI LanParty boards are the victims. Details below.

High memory voltages pose a problem for Nehalem

A story published over at NordicHardware has re-emerged with some more certainty behind it. It seems that Nehalem will fry if the memory is pushed above 1.65V. More here.

Dual socket LGA1366 board pictured in the wild

Keeping up with today's continuing trend of X58 motherboards, we now have pictures of a dual socket LGA1366 board from Foxconn at hand. TweakTown has the goods.

Up close and personal with Foxconn’s Renaissance

Today has already presented us with some eye candy of Asus' and MSI's X58 offerings (and Gigabyte's yesterday), but now it's Foxconn's turn to step into the limelight.

MSI’s X58-equipped Eclipse in pretty pixels, again

Although there's nothing here which hasn't been seen already, we'd never pass up the opportunity of some more X58 eye candy. MSI's X58 Eclipse is pixellized.

Asus P6T Deluxe – the grand premature unveiling

With launch looming in the not-so-distant future, TechReport have published a premature unveiling of the Asus X58-equipped P6T Deluxe. Exciting stuff, isn't it!

Xigmatek preparing to launch Dark Knight HDT S1283

Put your next CPU cooler purchase on hold folks, as Xigmatek is preparing to launch its Dark Knight HDT S1283, which measures 120x50x159mm and weighs 660g.

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