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Vuzix release software update for iWear VR920

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Posted September 26, 2008 by admin in News

The latest software release from Vuzix Corporation, for its award winning iWear? VR920 virtual reality headsets, is its most significant overhaul to date. It provides support for 8 new titles, plus native support for Second Life, a 64-bit signed driver package for XP and Vista, and user interface improvements.

With this release, the iWear? VR920 video eyewear supports 89 games and other applications on all versions of Windows XP and Vista. The new titles added to this release include:
? Age of Conan
? Goliath
? Madden NFL 2007
? Madden NFL 2008
? NBA Live 2007
? Toblo
? Tomb Raider Anniversary
? WarBirds

As part of the Second Life development community, the Vuzix engineering team, with this release, has created a native mode Second Life Viewer that is compatible with both the v1.19.1.4 and v1.20.15 releases of Second Life. Native support means that the VR920 can now be used to its full potential in Second Life, bringing its worlds to life with full 3D stereoscopic video and head tracking.

The addition of a 64-bit signed driver set for XP and Vista is provided in answer to heavy demand both from dedicated game and simulation users as well and the software development community.

Announcing the improvements, Vuzix President Paul Travers said ?We are committed to keeping the VR920 headset ahead of the game by ensuring the VR920 is compatible with the latest games and leading internet applications. Inhabitants of Second Life can now immerse themselves in a true stereo 3D environment and view it intuitively with the latest head-tracking technology ? you can now literally step inside Second Life.”

?Our success and continued support from the software development community has meant our list of supported titles has become extensive and the user interface improvements in this latest version of VR920 software will make is very easy for users to manage this list.? concludes Travers.

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