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Palit’s HD 4850 Sonic returns with 1GB of memory

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Posted September 10, 2008 by admin in News

Palit HD 4850 1GB Sonic edition, as the 1GB Sonic naming implies, has 1024MB king size memory along with pre-overclocked 2000MHz memory speed and 685MHz core speed. This card is able to provide stunning graphics performance while offering extra memory buffer, allowing users to enjoy extreme performance improvements while playing the latest DX10 PC games under HD large screen and high quality image (such as 8xAA.).

Built with Palit’s innovative cooling system with two-ball bearing PWM fan, heat-pipes, and superior copper base to ensure high performance, consistent thermal, the Palit HD 4850 1GB Sonic is able to dissipate heat efficiently, while maintaining in a quieter status; the GPU temperature is up to 20℃ lower than the original fan and the cooling system is 10dB quieter even running at full loading! In addition, the 8-pin power connector design on HD 4850 1GB Sonic supports up to 150W enabling overclocking with stability. The 3-Phase PWM power circuit on Palit HD 4850 1GB Sonic provides a more robust and stable energy distribution system allowing the graphics card to maintain a lower operating temperature.

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