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Mythbusters end Nvision with a bang… literally

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Posted September 1, 2008 by admin in News

Now, the conclusion was obvious almost as soon as the two started talking about CPUs and GPUs moments after arriving on stage and I have to say I had one of those eye-rolling moments. Jamie was then handed a remote control and wheeled out a robot that then proceeded to fire paintballs at a screen, drawing a smiley face in blue paint on a white background.

There was a certain amount of coincidence in what was shown here – I mean, who’s logo is blue on a white background? Yeah, and that led me to another eye-rolling moment. Knowing this was the Mythbusters though, things were only likely to get better – and, boy, they sure did!

The curtain was then pulled up as the stage was emptied, revealing a huge monstrosity covered by a white sheet. Savage said “underneath this sheet, there are thousands of pounds of aluminium and steel, a mile of high-pressure air hose, hundreds of pounds of compressed air and 1,100 specifically compressed paintballs in 1,100 barrels,” as he pulled the sheet back.

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