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MSI officially launch its Radeon HD 4600-series

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Posted September 11, 2008 by admin in News

MSI, a leading manufacturer of graphics cards, already unveiled its R4800 series a few months ago. In a time where prices keep rising, the R4800 series graphics card came with outstanding performance and value for the price. It has earned high praise from global media and gamers. Today, MSI will launch its R4600 series and push the price-performance ratio to a whole new level, allowing users to enjoy a high-end graphics experience with high-quality HD audio and video playback.

MSI R4600 series graphics cards utilizes ATI Radeon? HD 4600 series GPU core (Codename RV730), with 320 stream processors, and the main GPU specifications are similar to the previous generation of high-end products ATI Radeon? HD 3870/3850. Coupled with MSI R4800 derivative architecture and advanced second-generation 55nm manufacturing process, MSI R4600 series provides three times the performance of ATI Radeon? HD 3650 under the same power consumption, and the Anti-Aliasing performance has also significantly improved. It enables gamers to enjoy the delicate quality of DirectX? 10 games with highly affordable price.

MSI offers wide range of R4600 products for different needs. R4670-2D512/D3 is suitable for the gamers who want great gaming performance demand. R4650-D512 is suitable for the users who demand for even better price and performance, and is good choice for HTPC(Home Theater PC). MSI will offer a custom cooling solution from launch on their 4600 series with copper base fan to improve on the standard design.

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