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Mozilla CEO responds to Google’s Chrome browser

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Posted September 3, 2008 by admin in News

It should come as no real surprise that Google has done something here ? their business is the web, and they?ve got clear opinions on how things should be, and smart people thinking about how to make things better. Chrome will be a browser optimized for the things that they see as important, and it?ll be interesting to see how it evolves.

How does this affect Mozilla? As much as anything else, it?ll mean there?s another interesting browser that users can choose. With IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc ? there?s been competition for a while now, and this increases that. So it means that more than ever, we need to build software that people care about and love. Firefox is good now, and will keep on getting better.

What does this mean for Mozilla?s relationship with Google? Mozilla and Google have always been different organizations, with different missions, reasons for existing, and ways of doing things. I think both organizations have done much over the last few years to improve and open the Web, and we?ve had very good collaborations that include the technical, product, and financial. On the technical side of things, we?ve collaborated most recently on Breakpad, the system we use for crash reports ? stuff like that will continue.

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