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Intel updates Nehalem roadmap, delays Havendale

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Posted September 7, 2008 by admin in CPU & Motherboards

You will first of all see the Core i7 Extreme Edition 3.2GHz hit stores at a price of $999, but it will be accompanied by two other models that will move in on the Performance and upper mainstream segments. Core i7 2.93GHz will be priced at $562 and Core i7 2.66GHz at $284.

All of them are based on the Bloomfield core, which means they are quad-cores specially designed with an integrated QPI controller and built for enthusiasts. The Core i7 3.2GHz has one QPI link at 6.4GHz, while the other two has one link at 4.8GHz. All three sport 8MB L3 cache and 256KB L2 cache per core, and slide into the LGA1366 socket used by Intel X58 motherboards. All sport an integrated triple-channel DDR3 memory controller with official support for up to 1066MHz, and overclocking support for as high as you want.

Alas, these are the only models based on the Nehalem architecture the retail market will see for a whole year. Previous roadmaps have spoken of a refresh in Q3 2009 already, but Intel is now aiming to have the Lynnfield core ready for the holidays, while Havendale won’t arrive until January, 2010.

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