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Intel to launch $133 45nm E7400 next month

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Posted September 16, 2008 by admin in CPU & Motherboards

It is just a faster version of E7300 process and the new E7400 now works at 2.8GHz, supports FSB1066 and comes with 3MB of cache memory. The old E7300 works and 2.66GHz and is currently the fastest FSB1066 Core 2 CPU.

It will cost $133 at launch and this is, of course, a wholesale price and this naturally means that E7300 currently priced at $133 will drop to $113 on the same date.

This should be the last Core 2 CPU to get introduced this year, but Intel is known for changing its mind and roadmap and the next three to launch are the Bloomfield version of Nehalem, let’s simply call them Core i7.

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