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Gigabyte P45 mobos now support DDR2 1333MHz

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Posted September 4, 2008 by admin in CPU & Motherboards

On top of that, Gigabyte says four of its P43 motherboards?the GA-EP43-DS3L, GA-EP43-DS3R, GA-EP43-S3L, and GA-EP43-DS3?now support DDR2 memory speeds up to 1200MHz. You’ll find the necessary BIOS updates for both the P43 and the P45 offerings through this page. (Look for “GA-x4xxx” in the “Series” product search menu.)

As far as we know, though, neither DDR2-1333 nor DDR2-1200 are official JEDEC standards. That means users will need to either scour online stores for enthusiast memory “certified” to run at those speeds, or just try their luck overclocking slower RAM themselves. For the record, Corsair rates its fastest DDR2 RAM for a top speed of 1066MHz, while OCZ’s fastest DDR2 tops out at 1200MHz.

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