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Diamond: only 188 GPU’s were faulty, not thousands

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Posted September 26, 2008 by admin in News

While documents TG Daily has seen indicate that Alienware found higher than usual failure rates with Diamond?s cards and ended up returning its entire lot of more than 2600 graphics cards and eventually dropped Diamond as a supplier, Zaman said only 188 cards ?out of many thousands that were shipped? were found to have caused problems. He conceded that there was an issue, but Diamond worked on the problem and eventually solved it. However, Alienware was already gone at that point.

Zaman claims that this is really part of the entire story and he obviously was upset that the names of the firm?s customers were leaked to numerous media outlets. In an email sent to TG Daily, Zaman noted that the true problem in regard to Alienware was that the company received ?tainted data from [its] engineer? and that it took that engineer ?suspiciously? long to find the problem with the graphics cards. Zaman said that not the hardware problem in itself, but the time it took the engineer to fix the issue was the reason why it lost Alienware as a customer.

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