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Core i7 “Bloomfield” model numbers revealed

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Posted September 17, 2008 by admin in CPU & Motherboards

Later this year, Intel will launch three models of processors based on a newer socket, a newer architecture. The processors are based on the Nehalem-derived Bloomfield core, and require a compatible motherboard with the 1366-pin land grid array (LGA) socket. There are three models lined up, one in each category of extreme, performance and mainstream. They carry the Core i7 brand name and here are its model numbers:

The 965 is a Extreme series product that sits on the top of the pile, it should be the fastest desktop processor ever made. The 940 falls into the performance category, given its price. It is trailed by the 920 which seems to have the best price to clock speed, it falls into the mainstream category. A table explaining parameters in detail and model prices is provided.

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