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Blu-ray definitely has more than five years, says Sony

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Posted September 26, 2008 by admin in News

Rick Clancy, Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications at Sony, has written a blog post stating regarding counterpoints about the purported demise of Blu-Ray. While there has been several news stories recently about the format having trouble reaching critical mass, it is obvious to many of us here that Blu-Ray is the future and has the storage potential to survive. I could see the momentum with Blu-Ray even when Sony and other companies first showed off related products back at CES in 2006. Obviously, it is a few years since then but if you compare the adoption of DVD and Blu-Ray the format is doing well, and there are way more obstacles getting in the way of Blu reaching success, some of which DVD never faced.

Recently, an European marketing manager of Samsung, the world second-largest seller of BD players (after Sony), said to the press that the format only ?has five years left.? Rick Clancy has this to say (and other things) in response:

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