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AMD’s upcoming HD 4550 detailed, to rival 9400 GT

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Posted September 11, 2008 by admin in News

There are two versions of ATI HD 4550, 512MB and 256MB versions. Both version have a reference board, 512MB is a full height card and 256MB is a low profile. 512MB version have DVI/HDMI/DP output, and 256MB supports DVI/S-Video/D-Sub output. Both versions are running on 600/800MHz(Core/memory).

Basically speaking, RV710 is a shrinked RV730, only two SIMD (single instruction multiple date) array, each of them have one texture unit. Inside each texture unit there are 4 Texture Address Unit, and 4 Texture Filter Unit. So in RV710 there are totally 8 TA and 8 TF units. Also there is only one Render Back End and memory bandwidth is lower to 64bit.

The price of Radeon HD 4550 512MB is about 49-59USD, and 256MB version is around 39-49USD.The rival of RV710 will be NVIDIA?s 9400GT.

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