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AMD’s 45nm Phenom X3, X4 full lineup detailed

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Posted September 25, 2008 by admin in CPU & Motherboards

According to sources, AMD will begin to optimize their naming scheme for their 45nm CPU: they will keep Phenom X4/X3 brand, but numbers after it will have five digits.

Sources mentioned that the name of two 45nm CPU this year will be Phenom X4 20550 and Phenom X4 20350, with their AM2+ and DDR2 support, these two 45nm Deneb CPU are only available for a short period (last order at 09Q2), for AM2+ mobo users to update AMD?s latest CPU.

In 2009 Q1 and Q2, all Deneb CPU will shift to AM3, supports DDR3. also in 09Q1 Propus will show up, they will become Phenom X4 16?00. 45nm triple core CPU Heka and Rana will become Phenom X3 14?00 and Phenom X3 12?00.

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