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AMD to revive FX processor branding by mid-2009

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Posted September 3, 2008 by admin in CPU & Motherboards

As far as performance is concerned, Shanghai will be doing well if it manages to match Penryn’s clockspeed, scaling, and power consumption. Simply hitting that goal would put AMD back in the game; Nehalem may be getting a lot of press, but Intel is still going to ship an awful lot of Penryn microprocessors next year. In order to launch a competitive $1000 part, however, AMD would have to exceed both Penryn and Nehalem performance, and maintain that lead in the face of aggressive clockspeed scaling and price cuts from Intel.

Instead of killing itself trying, AMD would do better to focus on delivering CPUs that can realistically command (and hold) $149-249 price points. An FX part at a significantly lower price than what we saw in years past might also make sense, but any chip AMD might position in, say, a $499 “luxury” bracket is in danger of being immediately undercut by Intel. I agree with X-bit labs, insomuch as I agree that AMD needs to boost its profits and average selling prices (ASPs), but the best way for the company to do that, I think, is to focus on performance parity in areas where Intel is less willing to cut its own price.

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