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AMD release gaming tool to kill unwanted programs

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Posted September 25, 2008 by admin in News

Barry said that AMD’s Fusion for Gaming utility achieves the same in a much smarter way, as it lets users turn off unneeded processes and background tasks with the click of a big and rather garish looking button – indeed, my initial impression was bloatware. That was made even more apparent when you click the button, as your ears will be infected with a whooshing sound as it speeds up your system.

However, looking deeper into the application revealed that it wasn’t quite as bloated as those initial impressions would have you believe. There are several modes available, depending on how confident or skilled you think are.

Basic mode is a fairly low-level and tame optimisation that shuts down background processes and increases the CPU performance using AMD Boost, which shuts down some of the things that happen inside the OS that you don’t want to disturb your game. Barry cited examples like Cool’n’Quiet and power state switching. With the basic mode, Barry said that these optimisations alone would increase gaming performance from anywhere between two and five percent depending on the PC’s specifications. Obviously, with higher end machines, you’ll see less of a benefit.

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