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AMD officially launch Radeon HD 4600-series

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Posted September 10, 2008 by admin in News


It seems like we?re not the only one with the HD 4670. I know there are plenty of review sites with the card, but it also seems like some people at NVIDIA have a card which lead to an interesting e-mail this morning.

The e-mail pretty much said in a nutshell “Please compare the HD 4670 to the 9600 GSO and 9600 GT and not the 9500 GT, because that?s where the card is really aimed at”. This was fair enough, so I took the time to do a bit of research on pricing; the HD 4670 has a launch RRP of $79 US.

A 9500 GT DDR3 card with 512MB can be had for as cheap as $64 US, but most seem to sit around the $74 US to $79 US mark. What this means is that the card sits perfectly against the HD 4670. The 9600 GSO is actually more in the $89 US price range and carries with it less memory. If you look at the 768MB version to compare against the 512MB 9500 GT, the price tends to be up over $100 US.

So, with that sorted let?s talk about the HD 4670. For a mid-range card the thing is an absolute beast. The HD 4000 series is everything the HD 3000 series should have been. High end is important, but ultimately it?s the under $100 cards that sell and it looks like the HD 4670 is a real winner. It?s clear that NVIDIA are concerned about the card. And so they should be with the performance it puts out. Sure it lacks in some features like CUDA and PhysX, but what is so important to people is how well is it going to run their games.

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