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Adobe’s Illustrator CS4 sets out to impress, delivers

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Posted September 26, 2008 by admin in News

Like the rest of the CS4 suite, Illustrator version 14 (for those who are counting) features Adobe’s new Application Frame, a large window that holds all documents and palettes, and provides you with a neutral-colored background. A new Application bar that sits above the Options bar of the previous version gives you window management tools and an easy mechanism for switching between Workspaces (different window layouts).

Windows in Illustrator can be kept as tabbed documents within the Application Frame, and the program includes many new commands for automatically re-arranging and organizing the different tabs.

Drag-and-drop manipulation of objects is much more sophisticated in the new version. For starters, you can copy an object from one illustration to another by simply dragging it from the source document to the tab of your target document. The target document will take focus and you can position and release your object.

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