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Archive for October 24th, 2021

Safari 4 beta completes the Acid 3 test, successfully

Apple's latest Webkit rendering engine has steered the Safari 4 beta to fully passing the Acid 3 test, which is becoming the industry standard for testing web, err... standards.

Ubuntu 8.10 Alpha kills Intel’s network cards

If you rely on an Intel network card for day to day activities, then steer clear of the latest Ubuntu 8.10 Alpha, which corrupts the card's NVRAM used to store MAC addresses.

Adobe’s After Effects CS4 – the latest to be reviewed

Not to be left out, After Effects CS4 - Adobe's flagship visual effects and motion graphics software - is the latest to be detailed by the folks over at PC World.

Asus outsource X-series notebook production

Asus has outsourced the production of its upcoming X-series notebooks to Foxconn. As DigiTimes detail, Foxconn will be producing over 40,000 Asus notebooks each month.

Leaked slide reveals MSI’s X58 motherboard lineup

MSI has spilled the beans on its X58 motherboard lineup, unintentionally of course. The X58 Platinum, X58 Eclipse and one final unnamed X58 variant will make up the lineup.

Nvidia settle GPU price fixing class action case

The class action against Nvidia suggesting that it colluded with AMD to fix GPU prices is nearing an end. As Custom PC report, Nvidia will be paying its way out of this mess.

Intel to launch Core i7 CPU’s in week 47, says Fud

If one were to believe Fudzilla, Intel's Core i7 CPU's will launch in week 47, which translates to November 10th - 14th. X58 boards are expected to be in healthy supply.

“Rocketman” successfully crosses the English Channel

New and innovative ways of crossing the English Channel arise more often than you would think (Top Gear - amphibious cars). Yves Rossy has now used a jet pack to do so.

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