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Archive for October 25th, 2021

S3 unveil three ultra-low power mobile Chrome GPU’s

S3 Graphics has rather quietly taken the wraps off three new mobile GPU's, namely the Chrome 440 ULP, 435 ULP and 430 ULP. Specifications are currently unknown.

Palit unleash Radeon HD 4870 Sonic Dual Edition

The final piece of the Sonic puzzle has landed in the form of the Palit HD 4870 Sonic Dual Edition, which features a dual-fan cooler. 1GB of memory is also on the agenda.

Up close and personal with Gigabyte’s X58 Extreme

Our colleagues over at TweakTown have got up close and personal with Gigabyte's X58 Extreme motherboard, the retail version that is. Cover your eyes children...

Core i7 “Nehalem” wafer pictured in pretty pixels

With the first of Intel's Core i7 processors geared up for launch, the folks over at Fudzilla have come across a Nehalem wafer in all its glory. Take a look for yourself.

Google Chrome market share on a steady downfall

A new report indicates that the novelty of Google Chrome has worn off for many users, who have switched back to Firefox or IE. Yahoo news has the low-down.

Nvidia detail Photoshop CS4 graphics acceleration

With the recent launch of its CS4 software, Adobe and Nvidia have teamed up to deliver graphics acceleration in several applications, including Photoshop. Details here.

Windows 7 removes email, photo, video software

Windows 7 will ship with no mail client, photo gallery or video editing software, according to CNet. Microsoft will instead offer such applications through Windows Live.

Intel Core i7 Extreme 965 un-boxing shots emerge

Un-boxing shots of Intel's 3.2GHz Core i7 Extreme 965 have surfaced. Among comparing the CPU to previous generations, the official stock cooler is pictured.

AMD’s 45nm “Shanghai” Opteron lineup detailed

With its desktop counterpart Deneb being detailed earlier today, specifications of AMD's 45nm Shanghai server lineup have emerged. The table says it all folks...

AMD to introduce Radeon HD 4830 next month

AMD will introduce another graphics card powered by its RV770 core next month, according to VR-Zone. The HD 4830 will sport a reduced 480 stream processors.

Micron Qimonda merger likely to happen, says analyst

A joint-venture between Micron and Qimonda is likely to happen, according to analyst Doug Freedman of American Technology Research. The deal may cost $350 million.

Adobe unleash Creative Suite 4 right on time

Right on schedule, Adobe has rolled-out Creative Suite 4, which includes the 11th generation of its photo editing software, Photoshop. TG Daily have the low-down.

AMD release gaming tool to kill unwanted programs

AMD has released a one-click tool to end all the unwanted processes and applications running while gaming. "Fusion" will only function on AMD CPU's, GPU's and chipsets.

Five new in-game Far Cry 2 trailers hit the web

Five additional Far Cry 2 trailers are now available. The clips, titled Sunrise, Afternoon, Sunset, Evening and Night evidently showcase the game's day/night cycles.

ExitReality launch three dimensional web browser

Have you ever wanted to browse the web in 3D? Hmm, probably not, but the opportunity is now there thanks to ExitReality, a Melbourne-based company. Details here.

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