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Archive for October 24th, 2021

Vuzix officially launch widescreen AV310 iWear

Vuzix Corporation is thrilled to announce its latest innovation to the Video Eyewear market, alias the iWear AV310, which boasts a true widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio.

Super Talent unleash new SSD lineup – PR

We briefly detailed Super Talent's new MasterDrive solid-state drive lineup yesterday, although we now have a full-press release at hand showcasing the new additions.

OCZ’s original Core series SSD pricing plummets

With its Core V2 series now out and about, OCZ has slashed the prices of its slower, original SSD lineup. After the $70 rebate, Newegg stocks the 64GB variant for $99.

EVGA equip new GTX 260 with custom waterblock

Hot on the heels of the 216 shader GTX 260 launch, EVGA has announced its own factory overclocked flavor equipped with its Hydro Copper 16 water block.

Sony are closely observing the netbook market

Sony has told Laptopmag.com that the company is watching the evolving netbook market from a distance, and will enter after its pioneers have "made the mistakes".

Sandisk reject Samsung’s acquisition proposal

Sandisk has unanimously rejected Samsung's acquisition proposal, stating that the $26 per-share offer "significantly undervalues" the company. More here.

Intel’s processor plans for this year and ’09 detailed

If you're curious as to what Intel has in stall for the remainder of this year and 2009, then DigiTimes has an article which should be considered crucial reading.

Google buying Valve won’t happen, say the latter

Valve has dispelled rumors which suggested that the company will soon be acquired by Google. The rumors, which originated at The Inquirer, are "complete fabrication".

Catalyst 8.9 graphics drivers are now up for grabs

AMD has rolled-out its Catalyst 8.9 drivers, which like last month, only offer minor improvements. The drivers are up for grabs in both 32 and 64-bit versions here.

Creative Suite 4 inbound next week, confirm Adobe

Adobe has confirmed that Creative Suite 4 will arrive on September 23rd. The release, which will include Photoshop CS4, will be announced through a webcast.

Gigabyte OC championship – guess and win

If you're unable to take part in Gigabyte's Open Overclocking Championship in Taipei next week, then needless to worry, as there's another competition you can enter...

Nvidia release high-def Nvision finale footage

If you crave to see the Mythbusters firing the Mona Lisa out of paintball guns in full HD, then an attempt by Nvidia to keep Nvision in the news should satisfy.

Rage delayed due to Xbox 360 “storage issues”

Upcoming shooter Rage has been delayed due to certain "storage issues" on the Xbox 360 which aren't apparent on other platforms, commented id's Tom Willits.

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