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Archive for October 20th, 2021

iBUYPOWER giving away free Video Pro System

Winning your very own iBUYPOWER Video Pro System could soon become a reality, thanks to a competition being hosted by DigitalTrends. Details can be found below.

Asus roll-out GeForce 9400 GT with 1GB memory

Asus has exercised the trend of equipping entry-level graphics cards with overkill amounts of memory, launching a 9400 GT 1GB. Expect availability later this month.

Nvidia hit by a second mobile GPU failure lawsuit

Nvidia has been hit by a second lawsuit over its recent mobile GPU failure woes, which have already cost the company some $200 million. DailyTech have the low-down.

Guitar Hero: World Tour 86 song set list leaked

The set list for Guitar Hero: World Tour has been leaked, and our eagle-eyed friends over at Bit-tech have gathered all 86 songs. Coldplay and Sting are among the artists.

EA ends plans of acquiring Take-Two Interactive

After "careful consideration", Electronic Arts has terminated merger discussions with rival company Take-Two Interactive, announced the company on Sunday. More here.

Corsair launch 64GB Flash Voyager USB drive

Corsair has rather quietly upped the ante once again with the launch of its biggest flash drive yet, alias the 64GB Flash Voyager. The water-resistant drive can be had for $205.

Intel to launch $133 45nm E7400 next month

Intel plans to expand its entry-level 45nm segment with the addition of the 2.8GHz Core 2 Duo E7400. An October 19th launch date and a $133 price are noted.

Intel unleash six-core Dunnington server CPU’s

As hinted at late last week, Intel has launched its six- and four-core Dunnington lineup, which reside under the Xeon 7400 branding. Clock speeds peak at 2.66GHz.

Faster GTX 260 may case overstock problems

According to DigiTimes, graphics card makers are concerned that the faster 216 shader GTX 260 could cause overstock problems for its older, slower sibling.

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