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Archive for December 2nd, 2021

PureOC Editor reviews Antec 1200 case at Nordic

Stan Miranda - PureOC's Assistant Editor and Co-owner - has taken a close look at the Antec Twelve Hundred case over at our affiliate site, NordicHardware.

New iTunes 8 eliminates Windows BSOD’s

Apple has relaunched iTunes 8 for Windows users, as the previous release contained a driver which was causing Windows BSOD's. ComputerWorld have the details.

Gainward unleash feature rich Radeon HD 4670

Gainward making AMD graphics cards is still something we're not quite used to. Today, photo's have emerged of its HD 4670, which boasts no less than five video outputs.

Nvidia to launch IGP with GeForce 9400 core

Nvidia plans to rival AMD's 790GX chipset by including its GeForce 9400 graphics core in the upcoming MCP7A IGP bound for late September. Digitimes has the low-down.

Opinion: Who cares about Google Chrome?

The first beta of Google's Chrome browser received heaps of positive coverage following its launch, although the honeymoon is over for some, including ET's Jim Lynch.

Xbox 360 overtakes PS3 in August console sales

The Xbox 360 has knocked the PS3 back down to third in the console sales figures for August. The Wii remains the most sought-after console selling 453,000 units.

BenQ enter the netbook market, launch Joybook Lite

Crowding the netbook market even further is BenQ, who are preparing to launch the new Joybook Lite U101. The usual 1.6Ghz Atom processor and 1GB of memory are included.

Yahoo to launch re-designed homepage soon

Yahoo has announced its first major homepage re-design in over two years. The new site, which will "appear gradually" in the next few months, will be built around widgets.

Activision Blizzard acquire FreeStyleGames

Following its 2006 acquisition of Guitar Hero maker RedOctane, Activision Blizzard has today bought another music oriented publisher, namely FreeStyleGames.

Sony equip $1000 notebooks with Blu-ray drives

Sony has equipped its newly launched Vaio NS and CS series notebooks with Blu-ray players. The 15.4-inch NS and 14.1-inch CS both retail around $1000 in Blu-ray form.

Specifications emerge for Samsung’s 10″ netbook

The full specifications of Samsung's new 10" netbook have surfaced. As Nordic detail, the 1.6GHz Atom processor is accompanied by 1GB of memory and a 160 GB HDD.

New Zune 3.0 software sets out to impress

With a new fleet of Zune's inbound on September 16th, PC World have detailed the new software which will accompany them. Both "Buy from FM" and the "MixView" are noted.

Microsoft to release Windows 7 beta in December

Microsoft will roll-out the first beta of Windows 7 roughly one week before Christmas, according to ZDNet. Going by the one year beta plan, a late 09 launch is feasible.

AMD’s official processor roadmap for 2009 leaked

VR-Zone have stumbled upon what looks to be official CPU roadmaps from AMD, and not hear-say rumours which we've been hearing a lot of lately. More here.

Spore did well in its first week, retailers claim

While no official sales data is available, retailers are claiming that Spore has done well in its first week, although it's not in the same record breaking ballpark as GTA IV.

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