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Archive for October 25th, 2021

OCZ unveil Gladiator and Gladiator Max coolers

OCZ has added two new additions to its ultra-high performance CPU cooling lineup, alias the Gladiator and Gladiator Max. The full specifications can be read here.

Asrock increase motherboard shipment proportion

Second-tier motherboard maker Asrock has adjusted its strategy and increased its shipment proportion of entry-level motherboards, according to Digitimes. More here.

Mozilla to equip Firefox 3.1 with private mode

Mozilla will add a private browsing mode to Firefox 3.1, which is destined to arrive in either late 08 or early 09. The mode will disregard cookies and forget any private data.

Intel may launch six-core Dunnington next week

Intel may launch its six-core Dunnington server CPU next week at the VMWorld conference in Las Vegas, according to TG Daily. The 45nm chip will be the last in the Penryn lineup.

Nvidia’s faster GTX 260 pictured, benchmarked

The first pictures and benchmarks of Nvidia's faster GTX 260 have started rolling in. The talks yesterday that the board won't gain a suffix to its name do look to be correct.

EA unveil Crysis Warhead PC official specifications

We were presented with a sneak peak of the Crysis Warhead PC earlier this week, although EA have now put the icing on the cake by releasing the official spec sheet.

iTunes 8 deliberately crashes Windows, it seems

The recently released iTunes 8 seems to enjoy crashing Windows PC's. According to ZDNet's Ed Bott, the bundled drivers have "a long and colorful history" of causing such problems.

Microsoft unleash second Seinfeld, Gates ad

Microsoft has delivered the second installment in the Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates ad saga. The new ad makes about as much sense as the first, though it's entertaining nonetheless.

Intel’s upcoming Core i7 chips to feature 130W TDP

Intel's upcoming Core i7 chips will all feature a TDP of 130W, or so Fudzilla lead us to believe. While nothing's set in stone, the figure was allegedly taken from official documents.

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