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Archive for October 24th, 2021

MSI officially launch its Radeon HD 4600-series

MSI's HD 4670 and 4650 graphics cards were showcased yesterday through a flurry of pictures, and today, we have some press-release goodness to add to the equation.

AMD eagerly unleash FirePro V8700 and V3750

AMD has once again expanded its FirePro professional graphics card lineup with the addition of the V8700 and V3750, which are both built on the 55nm RV770 core.

Phenom X2 chips to boost performance per clock

AMD's upcoming Phenom X2 chips are looking to pack quite a punch in the performance per clock department. In fact, a 15% improvement over K8 chips is witnessed in SuperPi.

Xbox 360 exclusive Rock Band 2 launching Sunday

The Xbox 360 exclusive window of Rock Band 2 will kick off Sunday, September 14th. The title will hit the Wii and PS3 later in the year. Gamespot has more.

Facebook moving to new design this week

Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg has announced that the site's "new look" - which has been an optional theme since July - will become permanent later this week.

NVIDIA’s GT200: Inside a Parallel Processor

David Kanter of Real World Technologies has published an article which touches upon Nvidia's general-purpose GPU computing, and the CUDA language. More here.

iTunes version 8 sets out to impress, delivers

PC World have also taken an in-depth look at iTunes version 8, which was recently launched alongside the new iPods at Apple's "Let's Rock" event. More here.

AMD’s upcoming HD 4550 detailed, to rival 9400 GT

With its HD 4600-series now out and about, AMD is shifting its focus onto the RV710 GPU, which will likely be dubbed the HD 4550. Early details can be read here.

Nvidia won’t rename faster GTX 260, apparently

Nvidia has no plans of renaming its faster GTX 260 (as detailed earlier today) which will feature an additional 24 shaders. Launch may occur on September 16th.

Xbox 360 sales surge from last week’s price cut

Following last week's price cuts, Xbox 360 sales in North America have doubled, and in some instances sextupled, according to a recent statement from Microsoft.

Apple’s fourth-generation iPod Nano reviewed

Following its recent grand unveiling, PC World have taken a look at the new fourth-generation iPod Nano, which takes the taller, thinner shape of the gen-two models.

Nvidia to launch revised GTX 200-series, it seems

Nvidia are preparing to launch a revised GTX 280 later next year, which will either be 40 or 45nm. A faster GTX 260 is also in the works, reveals the same leaked roadmap.

Shareholder files class action lawsuit against Nvidia

A ticked-off shareholder has filed a class action against Nvidia, alleging the company knew about the infamous mobile GPU failures as early as last summer and kept things under wraps.


Swiftech Apogee GTZ

Can the GTZ reclaim the CPU water block crown? We see how it performs.

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