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Archive for October 20th, 2021

Intel launch X25-M solid-state drive series

Our second review roundup for the day is of Intel's newly launched X25-M solid-state drive series. It would be fair to say that this turns the current SSD market upside down.

Palit’s HD 4850 Sonic returns with 1GB of memory

Palit has added yet another addition to its growing graphics card lineup, alias the 1GB version of its HD 4850 Sonic. Both the core and memory are factory overclocked.

AMD officially launch Radeon HD 4600-series

AMD has officially launched its Radeon HD 4650 and HD 4670, which inhabit the sub-$100 market segment. Below we've gathered the very few reviews to hit the web.

Google celebrates 10 years of life, last Sunday

It was ten years ago on Sunday (alright, we're a little late with this one) that Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded Google. Heck, where will they be in another 10 years...

Microsoft invade the iPod parade, talk new Zune’s

Microsoft has confirmed several details regarding its new Zune lineup slated for fall, according to CNet. This follows Apple's announcement of the next generation iPods.

MSI’s HD 4650 benchmarked, pictured in pretty pixels

Pictures and benchmarks of MSI’s upcoming HD 4650 are now online courtesy of VR-Zone. These nicely complement the HD 4670 benchmarks published earlier today.

OCZ’s upcoming Elixir II gaming keyboard pixellated

Photo's have started flooding in of OCZ's new Alchemy series Elixir II keyboard. As Fudzilla detail, the successor will remain low-cost and keep its original color scheme.

Jerry Seinfeld’s Vista ad “has people talking”

Following confusion with viewers, Microsoft's Brad Brooks has shared his thoughts on the recent Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates advertisement. There's more ads to come, folks.

Apple roll-out new iPods and iTunes 8 right on time

As promised earlier in the month, Apple has delivered new iPods and iTunes 8 at its recent “Let’s Rock” event in San Francisco. Boy, have Engadget got a good read for you.

Microsoft equip two rodents with BlueTrack technology

Microsoft has made official the mice behind the teaser "Say Goodbye to Laser", namely the Explorer and Explorer Mini, which now both feature the new BlueTrack technology.

AMD’s first 45nm chips to be AM2+, and not AM3

AMD will launch two interim quad-core 45nm CPUs by the end of this year which will only support the AM2+ socket, and not AM3 as originally intended. Digitmes has more.

Dual HD 4670 setup to outperform single HD 4850

Hold the phone! A HD 4670 CrossFire setup will outperform a single HD 4850 in 3DMark, or so several premature tests reveal. The full low-down can be read over at GPU Caf?.

AMD’s two yearly roadmap detailed, 12 cores ahoy

Our collegues over at the TechReport have detailed AMD's roadmap for the next two years. The 4-core Shanghai, 6-core Istanbul and 12-core Magny Cours are mentioned.

Crysis Warhead gaming PC detailed, will cost $699

Specifications have emerged for the PC which is being developed by Crytek purely to play Crysis Warhead. The $699 system sports a 9800 GT along with an E7300 CPU.

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