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Archive for October 17th, 2021

PureOC editor reviews Trek 08 at NordicHardware

Jake Mete - PureOC's Editor in Chief and Co-Owner - has taken an in-depth look at the Smooth Creations Trek 08 gaming rig over at our affiliate site, NordicHardware.

Chilin Technology show off liquid cooled projector

Alright, this is cool. Chilin Technology has introduced the first projector to be liquid cooled, and boast a lamp which lasts 50,000 hours (or "forever" in Chilin's words).

MSI overclock, watercool GTX 280 with HydroGen

MSI has launched its GTX 280 HydroGen, which is not only clocked higher than the reference board, but also sports micro channel water cooling, lowering temps by 10C.

Google revises Chrome license, no more Big Brother

Google Chrome is no doubt the talk of the town, and with good reason too, especially since Google has removed Section 11 (detailed yesterday) of the license agreement.

Firefox 3.1 public beta pushed back to October

The first public beta of Firefox 3.1 has been pushed back to sometime in October. Originally scheduled for last month, more time is needed to "incorporate feedback".

Board discusses making E3 open to general public

A report has surfaced which indicates that E3's board of directors are in discussion about making the games festival open to the general public. More as we hear it.

Blu-ray to be extinct in five years, says Samsung

Blu-ray only has five years left, reads a bold statement made by Andy Griffiths, director of consumer electronics at Samsung UK. The full interview is situated here.

Microsoft’s latest Xbox price cuts come into play

Microsoft's latest round of Xbox price cuts are now upon us. The 120GB Elite has dropped to $399, while the 60GB and Core bundles are now $299 and $199, respectively.

More info on early Goolge Chrome vulnerabilities

PC World have published a more detailed insight into the first vulnerability found in Google Chrome. They've also detailed a second problem allowing hackers to crash the browser.

New Patriot Warp SSD’s feature speed gains

Patriot's revised Warp solid-state drive's are now faster than OCZ's Core V2 series, or at least the company claims. Read and write speeds are now 175MB/s and 100MB/s.

Google Chrome snags 1% market share in hours

Google’s Chrome browser achieved a 1% market share in its first 9 hours and currently sits at 1.16%, according to figures released by market research firm Net Applications.

Kingston launch low-latency HyperX laptop memory

Kingston are preparing to launch a new batch of low-latency HyperX DDR2 memory aimed at... laptops. The 4GB 800Mhz kit sports CL4-4-4-12 latencies and retails at $257.

Adobe to launch Creative Suite 4 on Sept. 23rd

Adobe's next major software release has already received its fair share of attention. That's about to get a whole lot bigger though, as CS4 will be unveiled on September 23rd.

Microsoft to lower Windows 7 boot times to 15s

Microsoft is aiming for 15 second boot times in Windows 7, according to a recent blog post. In fact, the Redmond giant has a team dedicated to achieving this one cause.

Gigabyte P45 mobos now support DDR2 1333MHz

You don't need DDR3 anymore to reach insane speeds. Gigabyte has rolled-out bios updates which add native 1333MHz DDR2 support to ten of its P45 motherboards.

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