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Archive for December 2nd, 2021

PureOC Folding Team gatecrashes the top 1000

Our Folding team has rather steadily broken into the top 1000 teams. We’re still in the process of recruiting new members, so go on, put your CPU or GPU to good use.

Asus pull the wraps off Bamboo Series notebooks

Asus has unleashed a new lineup of notebooks which are coated in Moso bamboo. In case you haven't already guessed, save the earth is the aim with the Bamboo Series.

Google’s Chrome browser reviewed, looks promising

If you thought we'd done enough Google Chrome coverage for one day, then you'd be wrong. The folks over at TechGage have taken an in-depth look at the browser.

Dell to launch 8.9-inch Inspiron 910 tomorrow

Dell's break into the low-cost netbook market is expected to take place this week, when the computer giant launches its 8.9-inch Inspiron 910. A sub $400 price is expected.

EA release Mirror’s Edge system requirements

EA has released the official system requirements for Mirror's Edge, and it's about time too. As detailed here, the minimum requirements are lower than expected.

Team Italy bust SuperPi 1MB record with E8600

Team Italy haven’t been able to keep their hands off Intel’s E8600 CPU lately. Today, they’ve raised the bar once again setting a new SuperPi 1MB record of 6.875 seconds.

IE8 consumes 52% more memory than IE7, it seems

If you're an Internet Explorer fan boy, then stop reading now. Unconfirmed tests (which are no doubt over exaggerated), show that IE8 is a huge memory hog.

Dual-core E5200 hits Newegg – 45nm for $92

As first detailed yesterday, Intel’s entry level 45nm part has hit Newegg. The dual-core E5200 sports two Wolfdale cores clocked at 2.5Ghz each. $92 anyone?

Apple has a surprise for us all on September 9th

Apple has sent out invites to journalists regarding a special event which will occur on September 9th. New iPods or a music subscription service may be on the agenda.

AMD’s desktop processor pricing plummets

AMD has put into practice another round of price cuts, which this time round push the flagship Phenom X4 9950 Black Edition down to $186. The full list is here.

AMD to revive FX processor branding by mid-2009

If recent rumors hold true, AMD will revive its FX high-end CPU branding by mid-2009 with the launch of its Shanghai processors. The full low-down can be read here.

Mozilla CEO responds to Google’s Chrome browser

Mozilla's CEO has published his thoughts on Google's Chrome browser. He agrees that it will have a competitive effect on Mozilla, and is "interested" in its development.

Google’s Chrome browser: the fine print detailed

Google's new Chrome browser has already received a welcoming reception, although CNet's attention has been drawn not to the browser itself, but rather the fine print.

Logitech launches new back lit Illuminated keyboard

Logitech has launched a range of new keyboards, and one of which immediately attracts the eye. The Logitech Illuminated will hit the streets in October for $80.

Microsoft boost netbook hard drive size to 160 GB

Microsoft has reportedly eased the hard drive size restrictions in place for netbooks using Windows XP, according to DigiTimes. 160 GB is now the maximum capacity.

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