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Archive for October 20th, 2021

SiSoft Sandra 2009 up for grabs, watch out GPU’s

SiSoftware has rolled-out a new version of its system diagnostic tool SiSoft Sandra. Version 2009 pays particular attention to general purpose graphics processing.

MSI announce three new additions to its Wind lineup

MSI has expanded its low-cost Wind lineup with the addition of an 8.9" Linux Edition, a Pink Edition and finally best of all, 120 GB hard drives now come as standard.

Commodore cash in on the low-cost Netbook market

Commodore is the latest to want in on the thriving netbook market, announcing a Via C7-based system dubbed the UMMD 8010/F. Expect availability later this month.

Nintendo’s Wii “isn’t hurting us”, declares Sony

Sony CEO Howard Stringer is adamant the the Wii "isn't hurting us". He adds that the console has found a new target group, one which Sony once held with SingStar.

VIA’s net sales continue to rise throughout August

VIA's net sales for August total $23.13 million, which is a rise of $3.75 million from last month's $19.38 million. Looking back to July, a $1.4 million rise was recorded.

Radeon HD 4600-series prematurely reviewed

Chinese-based website IT168 have published a premature review of AMD’s HD 4670 and 4650, which are expected to arrive on September 10th. The results are here.

Firefox to include Googe Search for another 3 years

Mozilla will continue to provide Google's search in its Firefox browser for another three years. This follows Google launching its very own take at a web browser.

Creative expands GigaWorks lineup once again

Creative has recruited three new additions to its growing GigaWorks range, namely the T3 ($199), T20 Series II ($144) and T40 Series II ($187). Details here.

Core 2 Duo E5200 surfaces in China for $89

Intel's low-cost 45nm processors aren't too far away, if a E5200 surfacing in China is any indication. As detailed here, the 2.5GHz chip boasts 2MB cache for $89.

PureOverclock upcoming reviews in pretty pixels

There's plenty to look forward to in the coming weeks at PureOC... ohh yeah. Below we've unveiled the first few products to christen our new labs, and reviewers.

Google launch first beta of Chrome web browser

Google has ventured into the web browser world, launching the first beta of its new Chrome browser. Only time will tell if we have a Firefox or IE rival on our hands.

AMD positive about its low-cost graphics market

AMD is on "high ground" in the sub $60 graphics card segment, according to Dave Baumann, who added that Nvidia's G96 GPU is a "quick-and-dirty-solution".

Radeon HD 4550, 4350 launching this month, also

September will not only welcome the launch of AMD's HD 4600 series, as the low-cost HD 4550 and HD 4350 are expected to make a debut around the same time.

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