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Week in review: Mobo’s, CPU’s and Peripherals

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Posted August 25, 2008 by admin in Internet

Intel Developer Forum:
Intel outlines its plans to enter the thriving solid-state drive market. “Two models, the X18-M and X25-M, will be available in 1.8″ and 2.5″ form factors, respectively, and will be targeted at consumer laptops and desktops.”

Nehalem’s rendering performance has been put to the test. “It managed to beat out the Core 2 Extreme QX6850 by almost 40 seconds and kills the older Pentium EE 955 by a staggering six minutes and 22 seconds.”

Images of Intel’s upcoming LGA-1160 Ibex Peak motherboard have emerged. “Next to the DDR3 slots can be seen a SO-DIMM slot, that goes on to show that the very same platform could drive Nehalem’s mobile platform.”

Folks have finally been able to witness SuperSpeed USB 3.0 in action. “The company said it used a self-developed software development platform and achieved a transfer speed of more than 350MBps.”

Intel’s latest take at the laptop cooling market has been detailed. “The fan features a design that enables it to have double the air flow of current products while consuming the same amount of power”

CPU’s and Motherboards:
Intel’s dual-core Atom processors are slated to hit retail next month. “The D945GCLF2 is due to ship in September, so it’s a good bet the Atom 330 will too. And, quite possibly, a mobile version.”

Photo’s have surfaced of Asus’ P6T Deluxe and a Core i7 processor working together at the Advanced Overclocking Championship. “LN2-cooled Nehalem processor + 2x Radeon HD 4870X2, does it get any better than this?”

MSI’s high-end X58 offering, namely the Eclipse, has been detailed. “It brings with it a fascinating set of features and is slated for Q4 2008. Like all the other X58 motherboards, the Eclipse supports QuickPath Interconnect”.

Not to be left out, Gigabyte’s X58 Extreme has also been pixellated all over. “It is a dummy sample right now which doesn?t work and is labeled GA-X58-Extreme but it will actually turn out to be the GA-X58-DS4”.

Asus will be one motherboard maker to act upon the X58 SLI and CrossFire concept. “He also revealed that the NF200 chip is hot (not in the good way), like so many other chips form NVIDIA”.

IBM has announced the production of the first functional 22nm SRAM cell. “Intel may have to put some extra time into its research and development efforts to make sure it can keep its manufacturing lead at 22 nm and beyond.”

OCZ has pulled the wraps off its Dominatrix laser gaming mouse. “The Dominatrix sports a large, ergonomic, and stylish design with a comfortable, no-slip rubber grip”

Razer has launched two new headphone sets, alias the Megalodon and Moray. “The Razer Moray has a recommended price tag of $39.99 while the Megalodon will be priced at $149.99.”

Following the launch of its Core V2 SSD series, OCZ has an Elixir II keyboard up it’s sleeve. “Part of the Alchemy line-up, the first Elixir has been unveiled under six weeks ago and is “value-minded”.

Finally, Creative has announced what it calls a portable sound stick, namely the X-Fi Go. “Sporting a sleek and distinctive black finish, the Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Go! is incredibly lightweight (less than 20g) and compact.”

Graphics Card, Gaming and Industry news will hit the press tomorrow, and come Wednesday it will be business as usual at PureOC.

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