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There’s still life after Diablo 3, confirms Blizzard

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Posted August 14, 2008 by admin in Gaming

Then in ?Diablo II? and its expansion, the player is an adventurer set off to discover what happened to the warrior from the first title, who became corrupted, and fight the Prime Evils, other Hell-spawned superpowers unleashed by Diablo.

Wilson also told me that in addition to fan-favorite Deckard Cain, ?Diablo III? will feature other characters from ?Diablo? lore.

?We also tried to focus a little more on bringing characters back, and not just from ?Diablo II? but from ?Diablo I,?? he said. ?We feel like a lot of the focus is on ?Diablo II? but ?Diablo I? started it all and has a lot of really good stuff on the gameplay side and on the character side. So people can expect to see characters from ?Diablo I,? more characters from ?Diablo II,? and characters from some of the books. We?re definitely going to bring a few of them in.?

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