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Steve Jobs informs the press of his health issues

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Posted August 1, 2008 by admin in News

In June, rumors began swirling that Steve Jobs was sick again. They had started during the company?s annual Worldwide Developers Conference, where Mr. Jobs looked unusually thin and haggard.

Although the Apple public relations machine quickly put out the word that Mr. Jobs had been struck by ?a common bug,? few investors were buying it. Wall Street analysts were besieged with questions from clients, wanting to know about Mr. Jobs?s health. On Monday, The New York Post published an article citing ?multiple sources? who, the paper said, had met with Mr. Jobs and were ?troubled by his thin appearance.? So when the Apple conference call later that day opened for questions, a Lehman Brothers analyst named Ben Reitzes gently asked the $64,000 question.

?A New York newspaper today called into question some issues around Steve and his health,? he said. ?Would you mind addressing the situation??

?Steve loves Apple,? replied Peter Oppenheimer, the company?s chief financial officer. ?He serves as the C.E.O. at the pleasure of Apple?s board and has no plans to leave Apple. Steve?s health is a private matter.?

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