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Creative roll-out N400 USB speaker system

Creative has released a speaker system which offers the best of both worlds ? high-quality audio and portability. The N400 USB speakers can be seen here.

Psystar is counter-suing Apple – the war continues

It seems that Psystar is counter-suing Apple for anti-trust, and will ask the court to declare the Leopard EULA void. This follows Psystar's hiring of new lawyers.

AMD preparing four greener Phenom processors

AMD has a few more 65nm CPU's up its sleeve, according to TechConnect. A Phenom X4 9950 BE with a reduced power consumption of 125W is included.

NZXT unveil Whisper high performing gaming chassis

NZXT has unveiled the Whisper, a gaming chassis designed for the enthusiast who isn?t willing to sacrifice silence for performance. Details below...

AMD’s Core i7 killer detailed, arriving Q4

If you're a little unsure of how AMD will counter Intel's Core i7 processors, then NordicHardware have an article which should be considered crucial reading.

Nvidia unleash GeForce 9400 GT for $59

As hinted in yesterday's "Week in Review", Nvidia has officially rolled-out its low-end 9400 GT, which "more than doubles the performance" of the 8400 GS for $59.

The next generation in iPods is near, apparently

A new generation of iPods are on the way, or so suggests Digg founder Kevin Rose, who believes Apple will announce the new additions on September 9th.

Low-power Phenom X2 GE series spotted

Our eagle-eyed friends over at The Tech Report have spotted signs of AMD's low-power dual-core Phenom lineup, namely the X2 GE-6600, GE-6500 and GE-6400.

Week in review: Graphics Cards and all the rest

GPU news was alive and well last week, despite its struggle to stay afloat in IDF infested waters. Below are the remaining stories which flew under the radar.

Week in review: Mobo’s, CPU’s and Peripherals

The tech world never sleeps... ohh no. Below are all the goodies we missed throughout this past week. Strap yourselves in folks, 'cause this is a big one...


CoolIT RAM & PCI Fans

The fight to keep computer components cool is nothing new, but can these CoolIT fans succeed?

Radeon HD 4600 cards pictured and benchmarked

As ATi prepares the release of the new Radeon HD 4600-series video cards; tech sites all over are digging up loads of details about them. VR-Zone has obtained benchmarks of the new series cards, where Hardware-Infos have posted pictures of the new GPUs.

Overclocking Intel?s Nehalem is ?almost as good as having a second video card”

Benchmarking and overclocking Intel Nehalem processors will be tricky, but Francois Piednoel claims we will see a ?dramatic? increase in speed. The trickiest benchmark of them all will be the ?Turbo Mode?, the processor will be aware of the environment it is in, and will change the clock speed according to temperature and current.

NVIDIA to offer an upgraded GeForce GTX 260 by mid-September.

The graphic card battle is getting more and more intense right now. We have been told that NVIDIA will upgrade the GeForce GTX 260 in mid September, offering an extra TPC inside the G200 GPU.

Lian Li introduces new Maxima Force power supply units

High-End computer case manufacturer Lian Li has announced a new range of power supplies, targeted at the gamers. The three models demonstrated today offer 470, 650 and 750 watts of continuous power, and all of them are compliant with the ATX 12V 2.3 and EPS 12V standards, they also boast an efficiency of over 80% which secured them into the 80 Plus certification.

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