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OpenGL 3.0 specification released, details noted

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Posted August 13, 2008 by admin in News

– Vertex Array Objects to encapsulate vertex array state for easier programming and increased throughput;
– non-blocking access to Vertex Buffer Objects with the ability to update and flush a sub-range for enhanced performance;
– full framebuffer object functionality including multi-sample buffers, blitting to and from framebuffer objects, rendering to one and two-channel data, and flexible mixing of buffer sizes and formats when rendering to a framebuffer object;
– 32-bit floating-point textures and render buffers for increased precision and dynamic range in visual and computational operations;
– conditional rendering based on occlusion queries for increased performance;
– compact half-float vertex and pixel data to save memory and bandwidth;
– transform feedback to capture geometry data after vertex transformations into a buffer object to drive additional compute and rendering passes;
– four new texture compression schemes for one and two channel textures providing a factor of 2-to-1 storage savings over uncompressed data;
– rendering and blending into sRGB framebuffers to enable faithful color reproduction for OpenGL applications without adjusting the monitor’s gamma correction;
– texture arrays to provide efficient indexed access into a set of textures;
– 32-bit floating-point depth buffer support.

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