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Nvidia makes SLI on X58 official, without bridge chip

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Posted August 29, 2008 by admin in CPU & Motherboards

The fate of SLI support on the X58 chipset?intended for Core i7 processors, which are code-named “Nehalem”?has been a question mark for some time now. Nvidia has said that it won’t be making chipsets that work with the Core i7’s QuickPath Interconnect (QPI), and it had instead proposed that motherboard makers use its nForce 200 chip on their boards. The presence of that bit of Nvidia hardware would then make the mobo kosher for SLI support. However, the company said today that it realized such a silicon solution would limit SLI to a small number of very high end motherboards, effectively roping off SLI from the mainstream of the enthusiast PC market. Rather than be forced into that situation, Nvidia has elected to allow SLI on the X58 chipset?under certain circumstances.

Motherboard makers who wish to have their X58 boards certified for SLI will have to submit their products for testing in Nvidia’s Santa Clara certification lab, and those boards must pass basic testing for functionality, slot placement, and the like. Certification will not be free, either. Board makers will have to select from a menu of licensing options available to them. Certified boards will also be required to display an “SLI Certified” logo on their boxes and other marketing materials.

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