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MSI’s Wind notebook recieves a $100 price gain

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Posted August 1, 2008 by admin in News

We finally heard from an MSI rep who tells us that ?Since the cost of the battery and materials raise (sp), we had no choice but adjust the MSRP to $499.99 with 3-cell battery and $549.99 with 6-cell.?

Despite the MSRP being $549, several retailers have taken it upon themselves to raise the price as high as $599. MWave.com has the MSI Wind 6-cell and so does Microtel, but the price is listed at $599 . That is $100 more than original $499 price. A quick search of three major price comparison engines found not one single e-tailer selling the 6-cell Wind for as low as $549. The best price we found was Zip Zoom Fly promising the system for $559, though it was out of stock.

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