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Mozilla wants you to re-design its Firefox browser

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Posted August 14, 2008 by admin in News

When I chatted with Chris Beard, Vice President of Mozilla Labs, he talked about how the basic browser UI really hasn’t changed much. In part, that’s intentional – when I’ve talked with other folks at Mozilla, the people with their sleeves rolled and their fingers typing as they get new versions pushed out the door, they tend to say that they and Firefox users are content with the basic browser design.

But the Labs people have a different goal. They want to look at how using a browser might change, from minor details to major overhauls. And they’re asking for help.

The Concept Series kick-off calls for design submissions in the form of an idea write-up, an image or video mockup or, if you’re really serious, an interactive prototype. Beard stressed that the Labs didn’t just want technical concepts from those who know what can be feasibly coded. It instead specifially wants design ideas that might shoot for the moon.

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