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Mozilla demonstrate the future of web browsing

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Posted August 7, 2008 by admin in News

The browser concept itself looks pretty different from anything out today. Web pages take up the whole screen, and objects like menus and chat windows hover above them. To access “objects” like applications and widgets, users can switch to a “frame” that fills the edges of the screen with icons.

The top “shelf” in that frame includes frequently used objects; the left column includes a history of recently used items; a stack on the right behaves as “temporary storage area for objects the user wants to keep handy”; and a Mac OS X-like dock at the bottom contains all currently active objects. Users can browse their history in a 3D space, where the Z axis (depth) corresponds to time. In one example, a user drags an object on a chart to turn the data into a line graph. At the end of the video, that same user touches an iPhone-like device and transfers her browser session straight from her desktop PC.

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