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More AMD 790GX chipset reviews hit the web

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Posted August 7, 2008 by admin in CPU & Motherboards

OC capabilities, power consumption, performance of the onboard graphics card – the 790GX does extremely well and often is way up ahead compared to the predecessor 780G. The integrated graphics unit Radeon HD 3300 for example is, due to Sideport memory, up to 47 percent faster. Those who want to have a low priced gaming system just don’t buy an additional graphics card – the 790GX can handle most current games at medium or low details. Furthermore it is recommendable to combine the chip with a cheap Radeon HD 3450 via Hybrid Crossfire. This increases the performance up to 73 percent.

High-end users and overclockers on the other hand might be interested in the additional overclocking capabilities delivered by the SB750 and Advanced Clock Calibration Link. Because of HD video support and low power consumption the chipset is a solution for HTPCs, too.

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