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Lian Li’s alternative Xbox 360 chassis reviewed

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Posted August 27, 2008 by admin in Cases & PSU

However, other than our concerns about fingerprints and sprung hatches, the XB01 certainly seems to be a very strong, durable case on the face of things. Every panel fits together securely and all edges are all well machined. While we criticise the flaps, we have to admit they fit well and are magnetically held in place keeping things neat and flush.

Rich: Having watched Harry literally just finished building it and turning it on, our initial impressions to the noise are that without a game in the drive the Xbox is finally, truly silent. It’s incredible. Drop a DVD in and it’s also very quiet. As soon as you drop a game in the DVD drive though then it spins up and the whole thing deafens you again. Until Microsoft allow games to be played off the hard drive, there seems to be little cure for the inherent DVD issue. It’s already known that you can’t swap it for a new drive.

Come back in a few days time to check out our full review of the XB01 – including a photo guide to how we disassembled an Xbox 360 and transplant it into its new aluminium home, as well as temperatures and further thoughts on our experiences with it and potential ways to mod it further!

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