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Intel’s Atom 230 compared to VIA’s Nano L2100

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Posted August 1, 2008 by admin in CPU & Motherboards

It’s clear from our limited testing of the VIA Nano that the company has a strong product at the ready. Virtually across the board, the Nano showed good performance versus its primary competition, and it has a number of other things going for it as well, like pin-compatibility with the established C7 core, an open platform, and hardware acceleration for certain types of encryption. Based on what we’ve seen here today, we hope many of the OEMs currently selling products based on the C7 adopt the Nano and offer products with increased performance. HP’s Mini-Note 2133 in particular comes to mind. The 2133 is one of the more attractive netbooks currently on the market and it would be enhanced significantly by the performance of the Nano processor in our opinion.

We’re hoping that VIA is able to announce some exciting design wins soon, because the ultra mobile market is hot right now and they’ve got a CPU well suited for the segment. VIA obviously can’t compete with Intel in terms of marketing muscle and manufacturing, which means the landscape could change relatively quickly in this space, but for now, strictly speaking in terms of performance, the Nano is solid.

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