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Intel roll-out second generation Turbo Memory

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Posted August 15, 2008 by admin in CPU & Motherboards

Intel saw the opening for technology that would help accelerate Windows Vista and introduced its Turbo Memory. Intel Turbo Memory hasn’t proven too successful to date and has found little support with PC manufacturers. In fact, HP has openly stated it saw no value in using Intel Turbo Memory in its notebooks.

News.com reports that Intel has introduced a new version of its Turbo Memory, which aims to transparently optimize Windows for flash memory storage. The new version offers a dashboard for Windows and allows the user to choose and control what applications or files are loaded into Intel’s Turbo Memory. Intel calls the ability to pick and choose what files are loaded into Turbo Memory “user pinning.”

Programs and applications that are data intensive will see the most benefit from the new Intel Turbo Memory according to Intel. Turbo memory is also said to be capable of accelerating gaming, digital media editing, and productivity software.

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